Hello, my name is Gershom Charig.
I'm a User Experience Designer.

I build immersive digital experiences through clean and BEAUTIFUL design

Handcrafted pixels.

Check out my latest works

Hello, my name is Gershom Charig. I am a self–taught user experience designer based in Milan.

I create clean and beautiful interfaces for websites and mobile apps. My mission is to create digital products that improve people's lives through immersive and meaningful experiences. I’m currently working in the fintech industry and i specialize in personal finance services.

When i'm not doing something awesome with pixels, i wander around the world. I love the feeling of waking up in a city where i’ve never been before, exploring unknown places, talking to strangers and learning new things. Traveling feeds my creativity and brings me new ideas for the work that i do.
If a plane isn’t available, i wander around on a kick scooter and take pictures with my camera.

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